Demand Responsive Transport

The scheme offers the equivalent of a taxi ride at a bus fare and includes travel to Kippen, Gonachan, Arnprior and Balfron as shown below. 

As from October 1st 2015

All DRT bookings will be taken by Stirling Council. The council will control the bookings to make the service more cost effective, accurate and reduce time required to check invoices. A dedicated telephone number will be provided with a single number for all bookings to be staffed betweek 09:00 and 15:00

DRT bookings will be possible between 09:00 and 15:00 Mondays to Fridays, no later than the working day before the day of travel.

DRT Booking Line

01786 404040

Wholly within the area bounded by (a) Kippen Cross bus stops, Kippen; (b) junction of B818 and B822

at Gonachan; (c) Junction of Balfron Road and Station Road at Killearn Health Centre; (d) Buchanan Street bus stops, Balfron;

(e) Arnprior bus stop on A811

This service is subsidised by Stirling Council and they are looking to save money on all DRT services including the one that services Fintry.

As such the community council have been asked to assist the Stirling Council via consultation in finding ways to save money on this valuable service

The consultation period is over and the community councils reponse can be found below

FCC issued DRT Final Consultation Response