Flood Warning Sensors

Fintry now has two flood sensors, these sensors have been provided by Scottish Flood Forum in Partnership with RiverTrack, Stirling Council and with funding from SSEN

These show the levels of the water around the area of the entrance to the Menzies Estate and Kippen Road that is likely to flood and become unpassable.

and also for the the properties in the surrounding at risk of flooding which are likely to need to take preventative measures.

The charts below show the current river levels updated every 15 minutes and the trigger levels to give time to take action and prepare for possible flooding in the area around the sports field, Menzies Estate and Kippen Road.

The current level is set at 1 metre for the sensor closest to the Kippen Road and 0.8m for the sensor upstream, these are set at a point which it is believed that there is a risk of a flooding event

As time passes these level may be adjusted and will hopefully become more accurate over time.