The Council

Fintry Community Council is established by Stirling Council to represent the community and to help ensure that the views and opinions of the residents of Fintry are conveyed to the council and other local bodies.

Fintry Community Council can have a maximum of 9 members. The present Council was elected in December 2016/17.

You may view our constitution here.

Members of the Council:


Ken Smith

Vice Chairperson

Jamie Pearson


Sue Wallace


Angela May

Planning/Licensing Correspondent

Meg Duckworth


Ken Smith

Waste Water System Rep

Cicely Roy


Ron Garvie & Michel Bennett

Rural Forum Rep

Michel Bennett


Ron Garvie & Michel Bennett

Transport Advisor

Bert Comrie

FDT Representative

Jamie Peasron

Sports Club Representative

Sue Wallace

You are welcome to contact any member.